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About Treestone Therapy

About Tamar

I am an avid reader and a lover of stories.

Stories of love, pain, healing, resilience and hope, told through writing and through the arts. Stories remind me of the universality of the human condition. Primarily though, stories inspire and humble me. I believe in human resilience, relational healing, and the power of creating space for one another, even when the “other” holds a completely different story than you do. I feel privileged to engage with humility around the potential for some surprising and creative endings with the stories of the people that I work with. I am committed to kindness, but I am also direct, engaged, and often blunt, and I am dedicated to clarity, above all things.


My foundational art therapy training taught me about the power of imagery, particularly when engaging with and treating trauma.

Understanding how the brain engages with images, both real and imagined, has both devastating and remarkable implications on our suffering as well as our healing. After working in this arena for many years, I received further training in family and relational work and my deepest passion is supporting healing amongst people who care deeply about each other but feel threatened or confused by their loved one’s difference of opinion, behavior, choices, or responses.


My commitment to relational healing led me to receive training in the relational trauma models of Pia Mellody (PIT) and Terry Real (RLT). More recently, I have been passionately diving deeply into understanding how and why these models work through the study of interpersonal neurobiology. I utilize this training in session while also educating you to understand how your brain works and how you can use that knowledge to create meaningful change, relational connection, and calm.

Over the years, I have taught, lectured, supervised and written about many of the above disciplines, and have provided lectures, coaching, and consultation nationally.

"Tamar is one of the most talented and trusted colleagues I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with. She is able to balance being kind and warm with a deep strength to help her clients dig in and make real and life changing differences."

-Rachel Frailich, PsyD, LP


Supporting connection with self and others through the practice of boundaries, authenticity, and compassion.

Individuals and couples often come to me on the brink, in the middle of a crisis, or on the verge of making a dramatic life altering decision. Therapy is an intensive investment of time and energy and I take that investment seriously. I am interested in optimizing our time efficiently and productively, and I will often check in to make sure that our progress is working for you. The people I work with are brave, resilient, and unafraid to take responsibility for patterns that are not helpful to themselves and the people they love.

I am trained and fully certified in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy.

This approach is different from other couples therapy modalities in that it is deep, healing, no-nonsense, and cut-to-the-chase. RLT therapists are not afraid to take sides if they see that there are behaviors that are harming the relationship. You will learn how to move back into connection, curiosity, and kindness with yourself and with your partner quickly, and efficiently. I value kindness and respect, yet I am also engaged, direct, and unambiguous. I will push you. You will know quickly if my approach works for you. The people I work with often report feeling an impact from this work within the first few sessions.


I offer intensive sessions (2 hour, half day or full day intensives) as I know that for many of my clients, especially the couples that I work with, there is urgency around figuring things out, and a slow, weekly drip of support simply doesn’t cut it when there is a crisis. 

Let’s connect so we can assess your needs together.

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